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Aug 19 2008, 07:22 PM
Aug 19 2008, 07:16 PM
Aug 19 2008, 07:02 PM
I doubt Higley would bring back an actor that she once fired.
lol, but someone brought her back, didn't they?
Yeah, but she wouldn't have been fired in the first place if NBC hadn't held a gun to Corday's head. lol.
I don't recall him being fired. I remember him signing a new deal but he didn't seem that into signing that deal to begin with. My memory is fuzzy as to what happened but I do recall him saying at one point that he stayed to finish out the story with Abe/Lexie and Sami. I always thought he would have been the one to kill Colin. Either that or he would take the rap for it and that would be his exit. I remember his exit was so rushed. They tied everything up in two days. I was shocked it came off somewhat decent.

I would not mind Brandon back in the least. I know many hated Cedano but he wasn't horrible. He wasn't very good but I've seen much worse and he rocked with Ali. I would much rather Brandon get her at this point . The Lumi/Ejami mess needs to end and this would solve that and Brandon was honestly the only guy ever paired with Sami that didn't change into another Austin after being paired with her.

As for this Marc guy, I prefer to wait until we see him or hear more before going nuts about him. Most of the time these casting calls are for short stints or extras in scenes so I don't want to bash the show until there are more details. It sounds like a good scene and I wonder who Nicole is "taken" by. Is it EJ or does it have something to do with her interlude with Daniel? Interesting...
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