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I don't think Renton is gone. Higley seems to like the Philip/Morgan stuff. She started laying the groundwork in the Spring. I think Renton more or less just wanted to show how much she wanted to work there by sending that letter. Plus, Paul was even brought on. Renton is going nowhere.

I do find it interesting that Renton even addressed the issue. I thought she would try to sidestep it but she didn't. She more or less said there is tension but that they try to get past it. That is sad because there was never that sort of thing at Days.

Blake seems to have embraced the fact that he will never be getting the airtime he got when he first joined. Despite that, I still think he knew more then he was letting on but just wanted to sidestep the issue, which is fine. it's understandable although Renton had alot more to lose by saying something then Berris did. Berris has a primetime gig in addition to Days so he's got some things going on. Renton's dependent solely on Days. I do give them both credit for not completely dodging the issue.
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