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I never expected him to last long anyway.

Seriously, his story was huge to start but he's served his purpose. Melanie is here now and was introduced through him. There really isn't much to do with Max and him and the Nicole thing can be wrapped up easily soon. I said when he started watch him either go out in a blaze of glory by kidnapping someone and getting killed or watch him be at the center of a murder mystery. It's definitely not going to be a quiet exit. I do think they were considering him for Ava's father but went for Penny and wanted to give him something (maybe it was Ed or Marnie that did given the Y&R connection) so they gave him this. It reeked of short-term and I do think they used the Trent character to push the idea of Stax not being related.

It's a shame because Roscoe is talented. He just never seems to last on any show and always playing the bad guy doesn't help either. I have always heard he has issues so I'm sure that comes into play.
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