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Aug 19 2008, 02:55 PM
As much as this pains me to say, I have to give props to Ken Corday for cleaning up this backstage nightmare.

DAYS needs stability and as much as I loved Ed Scott and all he did for DAYS, he ended up making the show extremely unstable with his feud with Higley.

As much as Higley sucks, hijacking the writing and allowing actors to re-write materail is not going to create a stable atmosphere at a show that desperatly needs stability.

He cooked his own goose and left Corday with no other option but to let him go.

Corday made a good decision on letting Scott go. DAYS barely just got renewed by NBC. The last thing they need is more feuds, backstage drama.

Gary Tomlin is an excellent choice as replacement and hopefully he can regain control of what is going on behind the scenes and get everyone working towards the same goals again.
Exactly. I agree with you and hypotoad.

I love Ed and what he did but this had to be done. I do hope Higley goes too but I do think that is coming. I think, more or less, Corday had no choice and that maybe he was even told to do this. The mess needs to be cleaned. The show has too much else to work on to worry about backstage drama. They need to bring stability back. Bad writing is one thing but bad morale and feuding is even worse.

Tomlin is very good. He's a good leader and he does get it. As he said in the interview Kenny posted, you can't just go after one audience. You have to go after them all and, hopefully, he will keep Days well balanced and will keep the production quality up. I think the show is not settling with Tomlin. He's talented and worked in the business for years. He knows what he is doing.
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