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Aug 19 2008, 10:13 PM
Well, it isn't the people at DAYS decision to not air an episode that day it is NBC's.

Even if it had been on the rating wouldn't of counted. It would be classified as a special.

Geez...now people are blaming Days for shit not in their control :eyeroll: . Seriously, the day won't count anyway and the week before Labor Day heading right into it is usually low too. This isn't the same ratings climate. You won't attract anyone on Labor Day. It's the last chance at vacations. It's the end of summer. Most just won't have the time.

As for ABC, not surprised. The classics make the current stuff look like shit and they want to show stuff to pimp up the current stuff going on. Not surprising. We don't even get classics anymore on Soapnet. We used to get Marathons and everything. Thanks alot, Frons. :angry: .
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