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Grandpa Hughes
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Aug 20 2008, 02:28 AM
Good stuff, Nelson.

I do think you missed someone else in your supporting actress mentions...Peggy McKay. She did fantastic work when Shawn Sr died (which she got raves for) and even recently with her involvement in the Max/Trent stuff and Victor's stroke. Hell, she was good during Bo's illness too. I think she's deserving of recognition. I would also maybe consider Mary Beth Evans or even Tamara Braun and Arianne Zuker. MBE was great during the plane crash and during the Ava plot and the poorly executed baby Joe story. Braun was solid in pretty much everything she did on Days and Arianne Zuker has been shining since returning to Days.
I'd have to agree with all of your choices! I was very impressed with TB as Ava in what could have been a one note role! She brought nuance and shading and wasn't just a cackling witch or mob princess! I loved that they kept her beyond the kidnap story and put her with other characters before she left!
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