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I have to disagree about whole Jana/Kevin Y&R wedding. I hated it. It almost fell asleep. But that's just because I hate Kevin and Jana. I think they are useless and boring. Kevin was amazing when he was a crazy loony villain. But now that he's this perfect Mama's boy, I hate him. Jana (also one time lunatic) is boring. She puts me to sleep.

Both actors are good though, I just hate the characters. Come to think of it, everyone who attended the wedding could leave the show and I wouldn't shed a tear (well, Lauren and Daniel can stay.. But Kevin, Jana, Michael, Gloria, Jeffrey, Amber and Colleen need to go like.. YESTERDAY!)

I do like what MAB and Hogan did with Chloe. I love what they're doing with Adam vs Nick and Victoria. I am liking the business stuff and I am grateful that they removed Sabrina and David from the show.
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