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Aug 20 2008, 12:41 PM
Aug 20 2008, 01:57 AM
Other then the Lucas/Sami one, these sound good. Glad the truth about Daniel/Kate is revealed.

Glad Stefano is featured. I figured he would be. I just hope they don't water him down. I was hoping he would remain underground.

Like the Steve/Trent one too. I want Steve to start doing police-like work again. I always enjoyed him doing that.
Tim, maybe you know but wasn't there a spoiler somewhere about Trent hiring Steve to find out why Max is in France? Or maybe my memory isn't remembering? Maybe that will be why Steve starts to investigate Trent.
Yes, there was. I guess Steve will pretend to help Trent while, really, he's investigating him. I'm game for that.

As for Trent, just because he was fired doesn't mean he is out within a month. I bet he's still here at least through October. I can honestly see him being offed or something on Halloween or going right into sweeps. I have a feeling that is why they are putting him with Marlena. They need more involved in the story, especially if they will be doing a murder mystery. Plus, Marlena is the one playing hard to get now so it makes sense and it ties in nicely with the random Marlena/Trent encounter a few weeks ago.
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