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Aug 20 2008, 03:27 PM
Aug 20 2008, 02:14 AM
Aug 20 2008, 01:38 AM
I have requests in with Ken, Scott, and Higley. Let's see. I hear Corday wants to speak BUT he's on vacation again!
The dimwit is always on vacation. It's no wonder the show is a mess behind the scenes. It's ok to take time off here or there but he seems to take a vacation every month LOL. He's the EP. He's supposed to be the leader. I know historically he's left things in the co-EP's hands but now is the time where he needs to be there. No wonder why he has no damn idea what to do and constantly changes gears. It makes me wonder if he wants to change stories and backtrack everytime he returns from vacation. Perhaps he loses track or something? :shrug: . To me, it's like he's afraid to be around to address things with the media, cast, crew, etc. It's like he can't deal with taking responsibility for things. He pins the blame on everyone else and takes credit when things go well.

Anyway, that press release is atrocious. Tomlin is great and I think he will do well but he doesn't come off like an actor's producer. Ed did. You could tell. He challenged the actors, vouched for them, etc. I just hope Gary pushes to keep the talent we have that Ed brought on. That would help.

As for Griffith, the confirmation will come when they have a replacement. Unlike Days, Y&R actually tries to keep things in house still and is still being successful in most cases until they want things to come out.
Ed Scott is the SOLE reason Days was recognized at the Emmys this year. Maybe it wasn't because of talent, but that alone proves how amazing he was for the show. (And yes, I'm aware the Emmys have nothing to do with the final product)

Corday's press release for Ed Scott was pretty much identical to the one he gave Steve Wyman, and THAT is ATROCIOUS!!! I understand that Ken had to make an Ed vs. Dena decision in the end, and while I don't AGREE with his final call, I still think Ed deserved a better send-off than THAT load of garbage.

As for Ken always being on "vacation"... I don't know what to say. Except Ken's on "vacation" as often as Roscoe Born "has the sniffles"

(And that's coming form a Born fan, so don't chase me down with torches for saying so)

Anybody who follows the soap press knows that Corday only shows up in the press when the shit hits the fan. Otherwise, he's "on vacation". This whole Scott/Higley debacle could have been avoided if THE MAN UPSTAIRS SHOWED UP TO WORK ONCE IN A WHILE. I mean, really... we all saw this coming MONTHS ago, but Corday was nowhere to be found.

Yet he's also the guy who steps and changes stories on a whim.

Know what I think? I think Ken Corday just swoops in once every two months, throws the deck of cards in the air and says ":52 Pick-Up! GO!" and then hightails it out of there so he doesn't have to deal with it. I mean, seriously. This is a guy who got handed his parents' creation while he was in his twenties. I know *I* couldn't handle that responsibility at that age.

But I could be way wrong. I just needed to rant. :D
Fantastic post :hail: .

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