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Viewing Single Post From: SOD: John & Marlena have sex

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John keeps watch over Marlena at the hospital as she shakes off the effects of her drug induced coma. "He's thrilled and he tells her of his great plan (of them working on their marriage) and she's says, 'I've spent so much time on you since you came back and I lost track of who I am and it's time that I center myself and move myself in a healthy direction,'" says Drake Hogestyn (John). "It makes for a very confusing situation and he doesn't know how to handle it. He tries to articulate how he feels and he can't really do it.

He explains how she was lying there, fighting for her life, and he felt this grip around his throat. He says, 'I knew if I never saw you again, I wouldn't like it.' He gets very basic with trying to explain that he'd like to have her around, and there were feelings that he was experiencing that were all new to him and he can build on that and now she's saying, no."

Roman arrives and the two men argue over where Marlena should live once she's released. "This is his first experience with someone who is also vying for her attention and he's like, 'Just back off. This is my wife,'" previews Hogestyn. "And Roman says, 'Well, it seems that she doesn't want you around anymore,' and John says, 'Oh, you think this means something, like you have another shot at her? Well, it's not going to happen.'" Marlena agrees to go home with John for one night.

Next day, John returns to the hospital, but Marlena is missing. He finds her in her office. "She's already counseling some woman," marvels the actor. "She is like, 'You're done. Go away. I'm moving on.' And he's totally flummoxed. He becomes very vulnerable and unsure that he's really trying and she understands that he's putting a lot of things out there and making an effort. She is also in a vulnerable spot and says, 'I've been alone,' and he says, 'So am I, but you're not alone. I'm here.' She embraces him and one thing leads to another very quickly." They make love on her desk.

After, "John's just finished enjoying Marlena and moves up over her and says, 'Ooh, that felt sensational. I knew I could win you back.' And she says, 'Is that all this was to you? A conquest?' And he says, 'Absolutely!' She scrambles to get her clothes on and he's like, 'Oh, hey, don't be so sensitive.' And then the phone rings and it's EJ, telling him that all hell is breaking loose at the mansion because of Stefano. John wants to protect Marlena and says, 'You're coming back to the mansion with me and I won't take no for an answer.'"

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