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Chelsea's blossoming romance with Daniel comes to a screeching halt this week, when she learns about his affair with her sexy granny, Kate.

"Chelsea's extremely hurt and annoyed," says Rachel Melvin (Chelsea). "How many people's boyfriends have been with their elders? She can't believe this has happened, again."

The revelation is set in motion after Chelsea surprises Daniel at his apartment and tells him she wants to make love.

"Daniel is completely into it," says Melvin. "He goes to do something in another room for a second and his phone beeps. Chelsea it's a page from the hospital. So she checks it and sees it's a text message from Kate. It says something like, 'Thanks for the other night. We can never let Chelsea know.'" When Daniel returns, Chelsea confronts him about the text.

"Chelsea jumps to conclusions and is pretty upset," notes Melvin. "Daniel tries to explain, but Chelsea's hell-bent on getting out of there. She storms out in a huff." Guess who Chelsea goes to confront. "She lays into Kate, because Kate knows what happened between Billie and Nick," says Melvin. "How could she do something like this to Chelsea again? Of course, Kate acts like she doesn't know what Chelsea is talking about, which only infuriates her more. All Chelsea wants is for someone to tell her the truth."

She gets her wish - well, sort of - when Daniel finds the two ladies and 'fesses up to his fling with Kate. Daniel explains that it happened before he and Chelsea were together; Kate insists she didn't think her grand daughter's crush on Daniel was serious back then.

"Chelsea's more upset with Kate, because she knows her history," points out Melvin, noting her character is pretty ticked at Daniel, too. "Chelsea's whole point is they both knew she had feelings for Daniel. So even though they weren't cheating on her, they were still hurting her." Daniel pleads for Chelsea's forgiveness.

"Daniel's very genuine in his apology and his defense of his innocence, but Chelsea is still hurt," contends Melvin. "She's afraid that if Daniel hurt her like this so early on in their relationship, it can only get worse as her feelings for him become more intense. She doesn't want to go through something like this again, just a million times worse."

Still, Daniel insists he and Chelsea can get past this. "Part of Chelsea is like, 'Are you kidding me?' She tells Daniel they can't," sighs Melvin. "But Chelsea just needs time. Her head is telling her not to forgive Daniel, but the heart definitely wants to."

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