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Wow, you have got to be kidding me. This is even more boring than I imagined.

"Marlena will continue to wrestle with her feelings for John, made even more complicated when he starts exhibiting erratic behavior."

And this differs from the last eight months... how?

"There will be a major shake up in the ranks, and inevitably, it will leave Bo and Hope on uneven ground at home. It will be a true test for their relationship."

I'm taking this to mean that Bo will be demoted and we'll hear him and Hope talking about how they're having money issues, while never seeing any of the actual repercussions play out on screen. Snoozer. As for being a true test to their relationship... come on. We all know better. This will be one of those "sounds better on paper" stories (if you wanna call it that) and I wouldn't be surprised if they simply looked at a random script from September, saw some filler Bope scenes and decided to consider that their big sell.

A two episode "story" at most. Slap me if I'm wrong.

"The war between Sami and Lucas escalates, and Sami is not going to be pleased by the end result. She'll turn to EJ for support, but he's not quite ready to give up on Nicole yet."

More of the same musical beds. Wake me when it's over.

"Trent's shady past is going to catch up to him, and in a desperate attempt to save himself, he will put Max and Melanie's lives in danger."

If they make it out alive (they will), I'll be really upset.

"Kate and Daniel will be dealing with the fallout of their confession to Chelsea about their affair, as she seems to have no intention of forgiving them. In the midst of that, Kate will get devastating news."

If she's pregnant with Daniel's baby, I'm gonna kill somebody.

Thanks for posting, Jonatha! :)
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