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Aug 21 2008, 09:48 AM
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Aug 21 2008, 08:25 AM
Wow, we have a preview! And a decent preview to top that. Another sign the situation behind the scene is finally normalizing.

Wow, you really think so?

Ed Scott was just fired less than a week ago. We likely won't see much of Gary Tomlin's influence until later in the fall, which means that we're probably going to be stuck in yet another weird transitional phase where the actors are uncertain, the stories are uneven and the fans are left baffled.
I donīt think so. Dena and her team still wrote the scripts, they just werenīt produced. The first thing theyīve had to do after the scandal exploded is to toss all the Edīs scripts away and return to the originals which still existed. This are based on the originals. Note itīs not Ed Scott doing the preview, but NBCīs head of daytime. They already knew Ed is a goner.
It's not as simple as that. If Ed has been influencing actual story direction (a claim I remain sceptical about), they would also have to return to Dena's original outlines and breakdowns. That process would take several weeks to be reflected in the scripts. It's not like they can use "Ed's scripts" on Monday and "Dena's scripts" on Tuesday. There's always a transitional phase when shifting from one writer or producer's vision to another.
The scripts would not have to be altered all that much to have an affect on future storylines ....

For example and this is only an example ...

Ali announces she is pregnant - Ed and this actress decide to change the script to leave open the door for Ali's character (Sami) to also be pregnant also... subtle changes are made to the script to allow this to be written in, at least opening the door to the possibility storyline wise ... Dena is upset because these subtle chances actually create a huge head ache for where she wants things to go... Ed doesn't think it will cause problems and allows the actress to make those script changes ....

Again this is only an example...
Ah, but one could also write in a blood test for the character, have said blood test show no evidence of a pregnancy and thereby tie the headwriter's hands with respect to that story direction. For example. :wink:
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