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Dr. Chip

As hard as they try to churn out excellent performances, their work will still be affected by these changes. Some of us know what it's like to go through boss after boss, not knowing what the new regime will be like from week to week. There's tension, uncertainty, anxiety, etc., and then there's all the understandable complaining that goes on behind the scenes, after work, or wherever.

This show hit a slump, started in a new direction with Brash & Cwikly, plateaued and started to dip down with Higley I, received a lot of new attention and energy with JER II -- but also had to deal with the loss of beloved cast members who had been with the show for decades, then got their castmates back in a storyline that never made sense and was probably embarrassing to act. Then JER got ticked off and just didn't care anymore, and all the storylines went south. The writing stunk, the performances stunk, and the actors couldn't talk about it but obviously didn't have much enthusiasm. Suddenly, JER was gone and Hogan was in. The soap press and message boards had a field day -- after all, Hogan was going to be the messiah of daytime with his history of Emmy wins.

The cast got psyched up about Hogan, and he watched hours of old episodes and got to know the history of the characters. Each actor was able to share their take on the character with Hogan, and he excited people like Stephen Nichols, Joe Mascolo, Bryan Dattilo, etc. After a great interim period where characters just started acting normal again (via Beth Milstein's pen), Hogan took the reins and moved the show in a different direction. Things got good again and very, very interesting. There were new stories, new ideas, excited performers, twists and turns, and then . . . Tinda Lao, Touch the Sky, and a lot of other crap that came out of nowhere.

Then Ed Scott rode in to save the day. The audience was pumped, the cast and crew were pumped, and DAYS began to look, sound, and feel much, much better. Then the writers went on strike, Corday struck a deal with Higley, Corday fired Hogan, and the WGA got ticked and filed a lawsuit. Dena was back, but there was still hope and excitement because Ed was there cheering on the cast and working to produce a more excellent show. Dena's scripts were boring, Ed began to tweak them, the cast liked the tweaks, the audience liked the tweaks, Ed began to rewrite them, the cast liked the rewrites and an actress had some of her own ideas, Ed let her write her own stories, Dena happened to turn on the TV one day and watch the show for the first time, and then . . . it all hit the fan.

Ken's on vacation. Dena just walked out! Oops, the WGA is investigating. Ken's back. Dena's back. Now Ed's out, and Gary Tomlin's in.

I mean, can you IMAGINE how drained these actors and crew members must be feeling right now? The last five years have been nothing but a roller-coaster of change after change after change. I really feel for them right now.
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