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Sounds like a re-write to me.

The Chan thing was put on ice for most of the summer and now it returns and it's exposed in a random way via a text message. I'm happy it's out and I do like that it stops them from doing it but I would've liked this to happen a little more dramatically, like in public or something. Whatever. The story sucked to begin with and, hopefully, this takes us in a better direction. I look forward to seeing Rachel and Lauren's performances here. That should be good.

As for Daniel, I think it's time to get rid of him too and, honestly, I think he is gone when his contract expires. I think he's only with the show for a year or something. It's a shame because I like SC and the show needs new blood (especially in his age bracket and the show could definitely use him as a doctor) but after an ok start, the character just took a nosedive with the Chan romance. He's just become a sleaze and he's even lost his edge to an extent. I won't say he can't be salvaged but it will be hard to make people like him.
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