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Aug 21 2008, 11:14 AM
Aug 21 2008, 11:09 AM
Sounds like a re-write to me.

The Chan thing was put on ice for most of the summer and now it returns and it's exposed in a random way via a text message. I'm happy it's out and I do like that it stops them from doing it but I would've liked this to happen a little more dramatically, like in public or something. Whatever. The story sucked to begin with and, hopefully, this takes us in a better direction. I look forward to seeing Rachel and Lauren's performances here. That should be good.

As for Daniel, I think it's time to get rid of him too and, honestly, I think he is gone when his contract expires. I think he's only with the show for a year or something. It's a shame because I like SC and the show needs new blood (especially in his age bracket and the show could definitely use him as a doctor) but after an ok start, the character just took a nosedive with the Chan romance. He's just become a sleaze and he's even lost his edge to an extent. I won't say he can't be salvaged but it will be hard to make people like him.
I wouldn't complain if they wrote him off. With how much propping they did with him to begin with I wouldn't mind he leave in a world of scandal or something.

And it's a shame because this might shock everyone but I was looking forward to him too. How long did we need a guy in this generation to be hired? But to go and stick him (in the most awkward way possible) with the youngest character (at the time).

I can't figure out if he was always meant to be for Chelsea or maybe Billie. The original screen test sounded like a woman with a daughter he saved. Since we know they never did a screen test they never used that script so maybe it was leftover from Hogan. There were rumors for a long time they wanted to fill a part for a doctor on the show.

But then they got rid of JP and looked around and jumped at the chance to hire SC who was really wrong if he was meant to be opposite RM. They should never have attempted to ignore the obvious age difference, they could have actually used that to write a decent story (provided they ended Chick beforehand).
for the first time i do agree with you, they should've end nick and chelsea prior to daniel and chelsea, because we can see they were drifting apart, but tripp i still think after some groveling in Daniel part they can get the couple back, because i really want Nick to have a new start with Melanie, don't you think so?
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