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"Stefano will once again allude the long arm of the law, thanks to an alliance with an unexpected person. The DiMera men will all be caught up in a power struggle over the family empire. Marlena will continue to wrestle with her feelings for John, made even more complicated when he starts exhibiting erratic behavior."
How much more erratic can it get than banging her head into a door? That didn't stop her from "loving" him, what else can? Lol. I think Stefano's alliance might be with Victor

"A suspicious Steve will begin investigating Trent, leading him, Bo and Hope, to uncover a secret that will have a big impact on key Salemites. Kayla, meanwhile, will take on John as a patient after he starts experiencing new side effects from his treatment at the hands of Stefano and Rolf."
Sounds like possible fun. I like the part about Steve, Bo, and Hope solving a mystery together. Steve can be enjoyable when he is not with the saccharine "Sweetness".

"The war between Sami and Lucas escalates, and Sami is not going to be pleased by the end result. She'll turn to EJ for support, but he's not quite ready to give up on Nicole yet. Nicole's livelihood will be threatened when certain skeletons in her closet are revealed. Lucas and Chloe's relationship will continue to blossom, but a romantic getaway will be cut short by a very unwelcome visitor. Morgan will find it harder and harder to fight her feelings for Philip."
Sami is so predictable, once again turning to EJ when Lucas is not available. I think EJ is going to find her tiresome and grating, and realize that Nicole is the woman who always made him happy. He won't want to let that go. All of this Phorgan and Lucas/Chloe crap is repulsive. Chloe and Philip belong in each other's arms

"Theo's care will be Abe and Lexie's primary focus, and Lexie, in particular, will make life changing decisions to do what is best for her son. Abe will also become consumed by his hatred of Stefano, and will take surprising steps in an effort to put an end to his reign of terror."
Abe is certainly no match for Steffy, but maybe he'll get ruthless and be interesting again. The last time he was of any entertainment value was when he was with Fay.

"A heart broken Chelsea will flee to France to be with her friends, but she is not pleased to witness Nick and Melanie's new bond. Trent's shady past is going to catch up to him, and in a desperate attempt to save himself, he will put Max and Melanie's lives in danger."
Go Trent! Kill them please.

"Kate and Daniel will be dealing with the fallout of their confession to Chelsea about their affair, as she seems to have no intention of forgiving them. In the midst of that, Kate will get devastating news."
Is she pregnant :o ?
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