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I think the ratings boost was a combination of people staying from the olympics and the fact that some of fans old fav's were on screen. I don't believe people would continue to watch a soap if they intended to watch sports. I know last week I watched Phelps swim at around 5:30 am NYC time (I am hooked) and Days doesn't come on until 2:00 pm here. There lead in has not changed in NYC during the Olympics, which is Martha's show.

Also how many avid olympics fans have neilsen boxes and happen to know and love Days. I know many J&M fans, Tanna fans, and Payla fans who had not been watching the show up until last week returned. I don't think they equal the entire .5 jump but I would hazard to say at least half of these viewers are Days fans who returned to see Stefano's revenge. The show has been great the last few weeks including the plot and dialogue. It all makes sense which is something that has not happened for me since february. The plane crash s/l was great in February but when the characters got back to salem they all turned topsy turvy with the following happening on screen since then:

- Bo almost dies
- Chelsea is a savior
- Patch lies to Kayla to "protect her from Ava" which leads to Hope and he geting kidnappedand then they disappear to change diapers off screen
- Kayla was turned into a wimpy crying mass of incompetence before the actors finally made the writers give her a backbone and talk about the crazy mob princess
- J&M were up and down, up & down, back & forth, back & forth (Marlena wants John, John wants power and money, Marlena wants old John, John wants power and Ava,
Marlena wants the stuipid disc to get old John, John wants the docks, crazy mob princess sex, and revenge, UGHHHHHHHHH.
- Ejami gets close, Lucas comes home, Lumi v. Ejami part 308, Ej wants Nicole, Lucas wants Chloe, Ej wants Sami, WTF?
- Chelsea is mature and Dan is immature and they are in insta-love GMAFB
- Stax Stax Stax, yuck!
- Tanna show up every now and then to let us know what they have been doing off screen

The show has seriously suffered from bad writing and character development. It is one thing for fans not to like new characters like Morgan, Daniel, Paul, Trent, or Ava,but Days has me seriously disliking John (nuJohn), for a while I disliked lying, overly protective, no job having Steve, I wanted to strangle Kayla if she cried one more time, bounce Marlena's confused head up against the nearest wall, permanently close Sami's crying mouth, and run a hit & run on temper tantrum Lucas with the same car that hit John Black in October 2007.

The last two weeks have given us more movement and development between J&M, Tanna, Ejami and Stefano since January. It made no sense in February that Tony and Ej simply sat aside and let John take over the dimera mansion and empire. It made no sense that Marlena, a psychiatrists, would keep harping on John and some stupid disc. It made no sense that John wanted absolutely nothing to do with his old life including his children and wife. So it took day over 6 months to finally bring the viewers something that made sense. Unfortunately we go back to Dansea (ughh), Stax in France (who cares), and yet another triangle for Sami and EJ.

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