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Aug 22 2008, 08:12 AM
I don't post on NBC and agree that the place is a cess pool. However, I'm a little confused about this petition. I've been told that the Lumi fanbase consists of 2 people and their multiple usernames. How can a fanbase that tiny control the message board of a major television network? :unsure:


I stopped going to that board a long time ago, but it wasn't the moderators that made it unbearable, or made me feel like I couldn't express my honest opinion. Its interesting that the problem with individual people, that hold a "job" of moderator, is being attached to Lumi. I know so many Lumi fans that stopped posting at that site before me, and even more after. If there is bias, I wouldn't blame a fan base for a coupling, but the individuals showing the bias in general.
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