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Wait, wait, wait. AMC is having a tornado (or three) this fall? Why do I have a feeling that this will be a technical disaster? They had a tornado before and it was pretty awesome, but let's face it... AMC's production values aren't worth shit now. I could do a better job out of my basement. I might tune in to see what happens, though.

Killing off Myrtle? Wow. Robin Christopher returning would be awesome though! I've only seen her on AMC in clips and she was awesome. She's one of those crazy talented daytime diva's and she should always be working... always.

Meanwhile, Hogan's butting heads with Maria at Y&R? Sigh...

Just when that show seemed to be making a big turnaround. Why, soap gods... why?! I hope that Hogan doesn't suffer the same fate at Y&R as he did at Days.
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