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50 points to NB...and many thanks-- but, as Bela would say, I must to comment...

NBC has yet to renew Days after months of budget and licensing talks, but Corday says he now expects a new deal to be announced right after Labor Day.
Good holy hell! What planet do these people work on. Surely, it isn't Earth.

It was a wonderful place to work and a wonderful company there's nobody there who doesn't want that show to succeed. The cast is always ready to work. There is no one big star, no divas.
Seriously, what?????????????????????? How do those words leave the mouth and travel into the air? What show did you work for?

He had to tell Frank Parker, who had just had bypass surgery, that they were killing off his character [Shawn Brady], and I've never seen a [termination] handled with such warmth, sensitivity and sincerity no bulls---. It made me respect Ken more than ever.

Seriously, what?????????????????????? WTF??????????????????????? Am I the only one who finds this hilarious in a totally tragic way?

Under your watch, Days improved vastly on every level and you finally got the show some Emmy love. Higley's rep, on the other hand, is pretty spotty. Her run at OLTL was calamitous. She's big on the gimmicks, while characters and relationships often go to hell. So something doesn't smell right.
CALAMITY JANE!! Oh, no, Calamity Dena. Oh, wait-- just calamity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"We were listening to the heartbeat of the characters."

Stop fucking around. Seriously. Did you WORK for DOOL? As in Days of Our Lives? Corday Productions? Oh, I believe you-- sincerely I believe you. I was hearing heartbeats EVERYWHERE!!!

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