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Aug 22 2008, 01:58 PM
^ But this rise wasn't under normal circumstances. Obviously, the suits at NBC are gonna realize that DAYS's huge gain was a side effect of the Olympics.
Well, I had read that NBC was looking at Days' ratings during the Olympics and may have been looking at that as something key to renewing them. It makes sense considering the two weeks are not going to be counted as specials and I thought for sure they would be. The fact is that it's a rise. It doesn't matter what factored in as far as NBC goes. I don't think they care how they get ratings. It's about the fact that they did and if Days can do well for this week too, maybe NBC will start to consider doing more to help Days attract a better audience.

Anyone notice how the top 2 daytime dramas have strong lead-ins? Sure they have dropped in numbers but Y&R and B&B usually hold and are the last to drop. They are still 31 and #2 and the lead-in makes a big difference. Y&R still has PIR (and the news in some markets) and B&B has Y&R. They build into each other. The ABC soaps have nothing. Days has nothing. Days has nothing but talk shows and infomercial shit around them (at least here). Just think if Days had some sort of programming around them either after them or before them. It would make a difference. Just look at what happened here. Yes, some left their TV's on but at some point they would take them off if they weren't interested and I don't think they would sit around and watch something all week they weren't enjoying. Days got 2.4's all week. It wasn't just up and down. That is important to note IMO.

e83talus also makes a good point that Days does not follow the Olympics in every market so who knows what the deal was with those markers. I figure Days will drop but I do think they can maybe hold on to SOME of this. It did hold on to a 2.0/2.1 for a long time after the plane crash so it is possible, even if the show slows down. It as slow in parts of March and in April and May and it did well. It wasn't until June that it dropped. I think the end of summer and Labor Day works against the show though as far as holding on to more of an audience on the heels of all this.
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