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I do want to touch on the point about the cast and crew kissing Corday's ass.

I think it's more or less a situation of keeping the door open in case they are fired or quit. Just look at how Days either fires people or loses them and brings them back, even if the left under bad circumstances. I never in a million years thought Missy Reeves would be back after what happened and she was. RJ was brought back twice in one year. Joe tore Corday to shreds and still came back. Sure, it's because Corday acts before he thinks but I do think he's very loyal and very nice to the people who work for him. We know he's loyal as hell to Higley, despite the problems it's causing. I would kill to have a boss like that who would make that many sacrifices for me. Yes, I know it's killing the show but if I was the one benefiting from it, damn LOL.

We hear the cast and crew talk about him positively all the time. Hell, even people away from the show for years, do the same, even if their exit was ugly. Up until recently, the atmosphere at Days was always friendly, no matter what the state of the show. This is the first time tension bled into the set the way it has (at least that we know of) and my hope is that things stabilize soon and return back to that close-knit, family atmosphere because I think Corday is the reason the place became like that and has stayed that way and I think it's that atmosphere that keeps cast and crew coming back.
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