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Aug 22 2008, 11:43 PM
Ed is no innocent in this (and I certainly expected him to not admit to anything that we've heard about...why would he?) but this was still a classy interview. The way he handled himself here proves why cast and crew seem to love him. I did notice how he was subtle in throwing some jabs out at Higley, like mentioning the show still has a ways to go before being character-driven and what not. It was subtle but you could feel it.

I do think Corday cares. I think he just cares too much and, as a result, the idiot makes these dumb changes and regrets them but then realizes he's stuck with the person or persons he brought in so he tries to control them in an attempt to live with them peacefully. It works for awhile but things turn direction-less and there is a falling out followed by firings. It's been like this for years and it's a damn shame. Let's get some damn consistency!

Now, this is just my feeling, but I think Sony was calling for Ed's head too. I think things with Ed were really that bad. I like ED and want Higley gone too but two wrongs don't make a right. Just because Higley isn't good and scabbed and whatever doesn't make what Ed did right, even if he wrote better material. It just doesn't. I understand the motivation and applaud his trying to help but there are better ways. I think Sony was fed up and NBC did not want to renew a show that was already dealing with the Higley shit from the strike and now had another scandal to handle. So, Corday axes Ed and I really do expect Higley to go at some point now with the Whitesell news. I really do. I think he just wants to start anew and try to stabilize things.

I, personally, don't care anymore. I just want to enjoy my damn show. I'm almost at the point where I don't even care who is writing, directing, how pretty the lighting is, etc. I really do long for the days before the internet when all fans did was just watch and enjoy. That doesn't mean you watch when you hate what your seeing but I do think knowing more hurts viewing a show. It just does. Even on days when I enjoy any show, I find myself questioning things too much. Watching a show should not be like that. You should just sit, watch, and enjoy or feel whatever you feel without worrying about who wrote it, who directed it, or whatever. I don't think those of us who frequent the boards or hang out online can ever get a feeling like that back again but change happens, I guess.
You made some very good points here. About Corday, I believe some people just aren't cut out for certain jobs and this is a good example. In order to run this show effectively, KC needs to make good decisions and stick to them. The impression I get is that he waffles too much and isn't willing to stick to the decisions he makes (Higley seems to be the exception to this, but I do feel she's on her way out) and that's why the show doesn't have a clear-cut direction any more and hasn't for years. He seems to be easily influenced, thus all the constant changes going on. However, he seems to be a good "people person". The actors and staff love him, they always have wonderful things to say about him (even when they have just been fired), and most are willing to return to the show whenever he calls. Apparently, it's the business side of things he can't handle so he might be better off just to turn that over to his Co-EP and stay on an extended vacation, unless it's time to fire someone, which he does well, according to Ed Scott.

Since the renewal hasn't come through yet but is expected around Labor Day, I'm feeling the Ed Scott firing was probably dictated by Sony and/or NBC. They are probably after Higley, too, since they are certainly smart enough to see that she's been in the center of all the trouble for the last nine months. Corday made a huge mistake hiring her, although I believe he did so in order to keep DAYS on through the strike, and compounded it by firing the entire writing team in order to make her the official HW, and now he has a huge mess on his hands. As the common denominator, Higley has to go if peace is going to be restored.

And, yes, Phoenix, I did enjoy DAYS more before the Internet came along. Those were the simpler days!
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