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Aug 23 2008, 03:31 PM
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Aug 23 2008, 05:35 AM
Everyone's that is saying that Ed Scott handled this with class needs to get a clue. That might be a small part of it, but the bigger picture is that he's avoiding stating anything negative about his employers and other staff. If he did, then he can kiss most future job opportunities goodbye. It was a smart move and I'm sure that it would leave the door open for a future job at Days (or anywhere else in daytime) if Corday/Sony would ever welcome him back after Dena tanks.

tl;dr = He's saving his own ass by being complimentary, rather than berating those who screwed him (ie. Dena).
Get a clue? Well that's a lovely way of putting it. :hmmph:

Anyway, yeah, it was certainly smart from a professional standpoint that Ed spoke decently of Corday, etc., but not everyone does. It's not necessarily a given.
I probably should have put that in a different way. Apologies to you and anyone else I may have offended.

And I think that even if it's not a given, it's still the smart thing for him to do especially with his image having been tarnished by the whole thing. If he'd blasted them, then I think he'd find it difficult getting a job with anyone else in daytime.
I actually agree with you on what you said about Ed Scott...anyone with a brain who wants to stay in this business would refrain from being a baby and badmouthing their employers. Ed Scott isn't some magnificent saint who is just so kind and classy that he would never dream of acting out after being so harshley "victimized". :eyeroll: He just has common sense.

I'm so over this stupid drama. What it all comes down to is that even though some of us like to think that we know exactly what Dena Higley is like and exactly what Ken Corday is like (oh, they're so heartless and evil)...we don't. I wish people would stop making stupid assumptions about things that we know NOTHING ABOUT. We hear what people want us to hear. You think we hear about every single thing that happens on set? We don't.
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