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For what it's worth, I think Ed Scott was trying to be diplomatic but sneakily snarky in his interview. My kinda guy! :D Again, the truth probably falls somewhere in the middle. But he knows he can't slit his own throat by saying what he really wants to. When he retires, yeah. I guess we'll never REALLY know to what extent he danced around the writing rules, but I'm still on the side of Dena trying to point fingers to avoid getting in trouble herself. From her blogs and other impressions, she just seems to be that type of gal. I hope she hasn't passed that trait on to her children. :huh:

I want to touch a little bit on what Tim was saying: "What IS Days?" From recent years, the personalities of characters AND shows have changed quite a bit, so I don't know if there is a true Days persona. The early years were more story-driven, the later years with gimmicks. I'll have to take Tim's word for about about the gimmicks having character-driven issues during the 80's, because I was sporatically watching then. But, I can see that. There's no reason WHY Days can't do that. The only reason maybe it CAN'T is because no one with creative clout is allowed to stay on long enough, as a team, that is.

This might be a poor example, but many folks toute Star Trek as that type of show. The gimmicks (and special effects, LOL) were SOOOO out there, but the stories still rang true because of their take on society and events going on in the late 60's. There is no reason why there can't be new Stefano material (keep the dead dead, please) and little gimmicks, but go more into the reasons why. (Sorry, but Colleen Brady is a poor reason, but hail to Sheffer for trying). There is no reason why the autism storyline cannot go on as a character driven story, maybe a B story. Give the gimmicks a reason. The plane crash was awesome, but needed more residual, ripple effect. There wasn't enough "ripple". The BE takeover on OLTL is a great example of ripple effect. (Yeah, although I think the ripples might have sunk with Tess, but i digress. You know what I mean!)

I honestly think many of Dena's ideas are good. The execution sucks. I LIKE the autism storyline idea (yeah, yeah, I'm a teacher. I would. :P ) I hate how they did it. I think it would be awesome to explore more of Nicole's alcoholic tendencies, but in giving dubious credit to Dena, I do like how she's fleshing out Nicole's insecurities. Nicole is one character who has benefitted from Dena. (At least, I'm going to assume this is Dena). And the magic works, because Arianne Zucker is an actress who has learned to carry this stuff. However, pushing multilayers on, say, Chloe doesn't work. I just don't think Nadia B. can carry this. Ditto Darin Brooks, although he is getting better.

The concept of Chan was too fast, too "starry-eyed", and too "all hail King Dr. Dan Ghandi" to make it work. I think, with better writing and execution (and more time to learn about Dan), some of us who balked MIGHT have at least tolerated it more. It wasn't time in the character development of Chelsea. Certainly, they didn't know what to do with Dr. Dan, so they tried to make him a sympathetic hero. Didn't fly. The obstacle of Kate (I love it when she's an obstacle. She's awesome), for many, seems to make Chan look worse. There are folks cheering for Kate and Dr. Dan because they feel LK and SC have more chemistry.

And (I have to swallow hard as I say this): The concept of nuJohn needs more variables. It was an intriguing idea. I don't like how they pulled the wool over our eyes about DHe's "firing": (I still think it was in the cards for him to come back all the time), but it was a novel idea.

Anyway, when looking at these new hires, yes, they have been at Days, but for a year? I mean, I don't see how one can say they understand "Days" after just a year. I hope it works.

I also tend to this this new co-headerwriter is just here to learn the ropes before they can Dena. She's a loose cannon in that crew. They hired her as "co-headwriter" before canning Sheffer. I think the tables are turning on her.

I have to be reminded of what EJ told Nicole in the film noir stuff about Sami: "In time, I would have left her, too". I get this feeling this is the general tone of Days lately. Corday praised Scott to the skies last year. In time, he left him, too. Corday praised Dena to the skies. In time, I think he will leave her, too. And so goes the merry-go-round. Time to make a commitment, KEnny. (Or Sony make a commitment, or NBC or whoever the hell is giving the green light on this).
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