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Aug 19 2008, 08:12 PM
Aug 19 2008, 07:27 PM
And Jack on Days itself. Jack raped Kayla. Jack went through some agonizing times as he tried to make peace with what he did to Kayla. The writers never tried to pair him with Kayla on a romantic level. And then Jack met Jennifer and a super couple was born. That makes sense. This is how I view EJole happening.

Sami = Kayla
EJ = Jack
Nicole = Jennifer

And the thing with EJ and Sami... it wasn't just that he raped her. Take 12/29 out of the equation. EJ still stalked Sami, terrorized her, destroyed her marriage, tried to kill off various members of her family (John, Steve, Bo, Shawn), threatened her, threatened members of her family, put her life danger, put the lives of her unborn twins in danger, etc, etc, etc. So even if you don't view 12/29 as rape, I don't see how I can justify all of the other things that EJ has done to the point where he could be considered as a romantic partner with Sami. That is just my opinion however.
Comparing current stories to past stories is part of the problem with Days. The show needs to create new stories and not live in the past.

But even so, if you are comparing Jack and EJ. Sami and Kayla. Steve and Kayla are a bonafide supercouple. Their wedding over twenty years ago was the last time Days was #1 in the ratings.

Because Jack and Kayla never ended up as a romantic couple doesn't mean Sami and EJ can't be together. Matt and Mary Beth do not have the type of chemistry that Ali and James do that would be necessary to overcome such a dark moment in their history as 12/29.

Genie and Tony on GH had that type of on screen chemistry too where just nothing was going to stop them.

Days has done their best to stop EJami from happening but it's here and its not going away.

And what everyone seems to forget is that Sami is not a saint. Nothing EJ has done has to be justified for him to be with Sami. They are both screw ups with checkered pasts. Grey personas. That is what makes them work. EJ has done things to make up for what he did and most of the people he hurt have forgiven him including Sami. So he is still pulling some schemes to try to keep his family together. He is not out stealing kidneys, black mailing women to sleep with him, or shooting his uncle anymore. He has changed from black to grey.
I agree with you... Sami is no saint. And EJ has gone from black to grey. However, that doesn't get him off the hook for all the things he's done in the past. It doesn't change the fact that EJ waged a personal war against Sami and her family. And although Sami is no saint, Sami did nothing to incur EJ's wrath other than to breathe and be in love with another man.
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