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Aug 24 2008, 06:16 PM
Aug 24 2008, 05:34 PM
Aug 24 2008, 03:35 PM
It was nice seeing the old John back in action again. But... I still can remember how much I hated John and Marlena together. Too perfect, almost sickly so. I really hope that when the old John finally re-emerges that he gets to keep some of the NuJohn nuances as well. John was soooo bland and boring to me. It's been nice to see him do something other than have icky kisses with Marlena and save her from something all the time.
That's what I want. I personally want a John who won't worship every decision Marlena makes.
One of the things I love the most about Bo and Hope is Hope's ability to call Bo on his shit when he screws up. She loves him, but she pulls no punches when he acts like an idiot.
What I liked about nuJohn was that ability to do the same to Marlena. So many Salemnites kiss the ground she walks on, it's refreshing to find someone who points out her motives and actions aren't always so pure. Once that happened, it started happening more and more. It being pointed out that maybe Marlena needs to let John WANT to return to his old self. The fact that what she did to Stefano is no better than Jawn wanting to kill Stefano. And so on.
By the same token, I'd like Marlena to do the same WITHOUT having to suffer from amnesia or Satan or Stefano's control or whatever. This thought might not be popular, but Marlena, for being a psychiatrist, is actually one of the more weak-minded women on this show. Gotta give her kudos for mustering up the strength to give herself the antidote. There might be hope yet. But when it comes to mind control....Ah, well.
:hail: :hail:

That's right. I don't like perfect characters and it's one of the reasons I can't like Marlena since she never makes any mistakes. I want my characters to mess up (as long as it's within character). Bo screwing up and covering for his brother because his backup father is at death's door I can buy.
I know many see Marlena as too perfect. However, she's screwed up many times in big ways over the years. She messed up by not insisting on working out her feelings about John when Roman came back. She messed up by having an affair with John and putting her whole family through hell. She messed up for years by letting Sami run amuck and turning a blind eye to it out of her sense of guilt. She messed up having sex with Roman in that damn castle and getting pregnant. She messed up by not telling John how she felt during the Kristen era and she and John and Kristen paid for it. She messed up by not giving Jawn more of a chance and working with him to help him find his way And she messed up big time by injecting Stefano (no matter how justified). I've never seen her as perfect. I've seen her as a person with strong integrity who is often conflicted and confused and makes mistakes.

I do think that she's been written as a weaker, more helpless victim the last few years (except right after John "died"). She used to be so fiesty and full of fight. I hope they take her back to that.
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