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Lumi, Ejami, Jarlena...etc it is all the same. The issue is the inconsistent moderation of the boards moderators and the bias that they choose to ascribe to particular fanbases. The very essence of moderation is to be unbiased, something of which the moderators of the NBC Board are unable to be, as they are hired from one fanbase or another. I think that a truely professional board would be one where moderators are hired based on the fact that they can exercise unbiased rulings on particular problematic posts. That is why the petition calls for some form of appeals process to be put into place so that the moderators of the board do not solely hold the power to make determinations...as they clearly are incapable of making them.

Lets not digress this discussion into a fanbase thing...I used the example as a means to illustrate the unfairness of it all. If you read the petition letter it makes reference to the need to establish an appeals process. To date I think I have asked the moderators several times a) what the rationale of their decision was in moving posts and b) who I can speak to that is in charge of them....to no avail I receive nothing back from them. Is this how any board should be run?
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