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Aug 23 2008, 06:53 PM
Aug 23 2008, 05:14 PM
And I can't believe I am saying this, but I am looking forward to seeing Melanie, Max, and Stephanie on Monday's show. :drunk:
I'm shocked to be agreeing with you..2 weeks was a very nice break from them..But i'm enjoying Melanie so far, and looking forward to her meeting Nick...Chelsea and Dan are really the only two i'm not looking forward to seeing, but at least they have big stuff coming up.
Same here.

I already watched Monday and I even found Stax tolerable. I've noticed, strangely enough, that their story calmed down after a big push in June so not forcing Stax on fans has helped and the addition of Melanie has helped too. The story is just so much better and tossing Nick in too helps immensely. I really look forward to getting back to the other stories. The past two weeks were ok but the pace on Monday's show is fast-paced and picks up nicely with where many things were left before the Olympics.

As for Friday, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the Sami/John conversation and John showing so much concern for Marlena. It's so ironic to see Sami calling John on his feelings considering their past. Nice cliffhanger with Marlena not remembering. I liked Lexie's involvement too.

Nicole/Chloe is nice to see. I'm glad they slowly progressed things and allowed the tension to dissipate. I like the idea of them being allies against Sami. With Ava gone, I'm glad the show gave her another friend and Chloe could use one too so it works. Also liked both their interactions with Lucas. Speaking of which, I think having seen Monday's episode as well) the show may have finally found a way to fix what has happened to Sami and Lucas. This whole custody thing has major potential and it works. Stefano being on the loose is a realistic reason for Lucas to push for custody and while we've been down this road with Lucas and Sami, it's different this time. It's about protecting both children from Stefano and I like the angst potential. I'm starting to see signs of the old Lucas and Sami. Not so much on Friday but definitely on Monday. I hope this is the start of something because it felt like the Lucas and Sami we had during Higley's first reign. I did enjoy Sami/EJ and them finding the chess piece and realizing Stefano had been there.

I enjoyed Stefano/Rolf too. I liked Stefano's rage concerning John and the focus on Rolf's loyalty to Stefano. I am so enjoying Stefano's return so far. Joe seems very into it as well. I love him going underground. Good stuff. Tony/EJ was good too. I hope Tony and Anna continue to be active in story.

Hope they don't drop the Steve/Kayla/Joe stuff. That mark that was on his arm makes me think Stefano took blood or something. I just had this sense when Steve asked Kayla if she was sure that Joe was ok that something will come from this. Hope so. They could use more material to play. Good scenes with them and Roman.

My favorite scenes on Friday had to be Nicole and EJ. Ari and James rocked it and I just enjoyed the entire conversation. I will give Higley props for how's she handled the character of Nicole and the EJ/Nicole relationship. It's been her best stuff IMO.

Friday was a very good end to a very good week. It was a fun two weeks for sure.

Oh and, on the subject of Sami, I think all that is needed is a break from her, which we should get from her maternity leave. I also think they have to bring her back in a good story that doesn't involve the tried Lucas/Sami/EJ triangle. As I said, I'm starting to see signs of improvement with Lucas and Sami. Hopefully, it's not just me and it's not just a fluke. Ali is a vet and very popular. I still like her. Her acting is limited but if you keep her edgy, she will be fine. Between Hogan and now Higley, she's become too wishy-washy and too much of a victim. Give her back her strength and edge and give us a break from her with her maternity leave and it should be good IMO.

As for John, one of the reasons I liked John was because it was fresh. It allowed J&M to have a story that was fresh and that could lead to some good individual stuff. However, I do think they need to continue to evolve new John because he has grown stale and I'm starting to see him evolving a bit now with Marlena. I don't mind the old John returning but I want Drake to be into it and my fear is that J&M will be sent right back to the backburner. I do hope that we get a merging of old and new should the real John return. I don't think they should revert John back just yet. If anything, like Kev said, November or Christmas. I think that could be a nice Christmas miracle. I'm one that wanted John to stay dead and was won over by new John and Drake's material so if they can keep the character of John fresh overall and if Drake can keep putting effort out there, I'm game. I also want J&M as individuals and want them to do more then making it all the time and having romantic adventures.
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