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Actually, the music in the promo has been used many times in previews for both Days and Passions over the years. It's similar to Titanic but it's not the first time it has been used in soap promos for NBC. In fact, I think AW and Sunset Beach used it too in promos.

It's a good promo and Days was smart to promote J&M after the last two weeks of Stefano and J&M driving story along with Tony,Anna, etc. I do wish it was a joint promo with Bo and Hope since their story is picking back up too but whatever. Days is pushing J&M because they are trying to win back fans and it's smart, especially if Days holds with that 2.4 for last week. It should be interesting to see what happens. In the last few years, no matter what Days does, it usually drops like most soaps the week before Labor Day and struggles in September. Maybe this promo will help keep those fans who came back because of the Olympics. I know the show will drop but maybe Days can hold a 2.1-2.2 or something. I'm thinking maybe the Olympics and increased use of vets may have attracted some of the fans backwho tuned in earlier this year for the plane crash and such. We'll see but I can't say Days didn't try. This month they did a very good job and now by promoting J&M and having a week that features alot of story movement, I think they put alot of effort out there this month and hope they are rewarded for it.
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