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Saturday, August 23, 2008
"Stix" and Stones

So, I felt compelled to share this with all of you since it literally happened 5 minutes ago, and I haven't completely been able to process the actuality/reality of it. This is the kind of thing that only happens in movies...or to me.

I just went to the bank to deposit one of my paychecks. I like this bank; a few of the tellers watch the show, Darin banks here, he and I usually run into each other... overall my trips here are quite pleasant and somewhat fun. Not today. Today, a man briskly waltzed through the bank doors before me (didn't hold the door open, but I forgot chivalry is dead), and since there was no line, didn't bother to walk through the line dividers to get the front. I didn't care. It's Saturday and all I have today is dance class at 2- I'm in no rush. So I walked through the empty line dividers and took my place behind him. A shift in his body language suggested he might apologize for "cutting" me, which I had prepared my answer with a "no worries" since he walked through the bank doors before me anyway. Who cares, right? We're all going to be waited on at some point. Nope. He choses instead to say... "You know, you're really skinny, you should think about eating something. How much do you weight like 90?" I can't tell you how many, equally rude comments, flooded to my brain before I chose the politically correct, mature one to respond with. "I actually weigh 113. But thanks for assuming I don't eat, that's really nice of you to say to a complete stranger."...but oh what I could have said instead.

Now, here's the purpose of me writing this blog. Being on television or in any area of the entertainment business/medium, you're kind of under a microscope. You can't always react how you want because then it's blown out of proportion or your labeled as a kind of person you aren't. You can't act impulsively or respond impulsively to something, because you must first think of how it could be misinterpreted or negatively reflect you. Basically, every day you're forced to hold some type of emotion in- which as you might know, over time, can turn out to be a, not so good thing. As a result, I've reached my limit regarding the "skinny" thing, and felt I would share with you all my take on everyone else's take on "skinny" people.

Calling someone skinny, can be just as offensive as calling someone fat. This is lost on most of society however, because being skinny is considered, or thought, to be attractive or sexy. Here's the secret truth I'm going to share with you: Some people think thick is sexier than thin, and yeah, some people think vise versa. You cannot contour your body to make other people happy, only yourself. And some of you may know, your body won't even contour for you. We are built the way we are built, and you have to find it within yourself to own the way you look, accept it, and be proud of it.

Some of you may not know that I take pole dancing classes. The purpose of this class for me, was to gain better confidence in my body because it was my personal belief I was too skinny, and no matter how much I ate or how much I worked out, my frame would not and could not support a heavier build. Imagine how it feels to feel that way about yourself, then hear about it or read about it in the media or on message boards constantly. I'm not just speaking for myself, but for any entertainer, period. Even the worlds most beautiful and successful women are insecure about something, and to post or say rude things such as what that man said at the bank, is not only insensitive, but it's inconsiderate of someone's feelings.

I just felt I needed to put my voice out there in the world. I have been hearing comments regarding my size since I was in the first grade, FIRST GRADE, and even though I knew they were sometimes intended as a compliment, it was always initially hurtful to me. And while I am in a secure and confident place with how I feel about my body now, I know there are millions of girls and women out there who aren't. And unfortunately, there are millions of idiots out there that will think they can speak freely to strangers and voice their ignorant, rude opinions. So this blog is for women everywhere. I wanted to use this blog to tell you that no matter your shape or size, own it. You are beautiful. The grass is not always greener, and you will always be somebody's type. You must just love yourself first. Everyone deals with rude people, it's how you deal with them that makes you more beautiful in the eyes of yourself and others.


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