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Aug 25 2008, 12:17 AM
Nicole/Chloe is nice to see. I'm glad they slowly progressed things and allowed the tension to dissipate. I like the idea of them being allies against Sami. With Ava gone, I'm glad the show gave her another friend and Chloe could use one too so it works. Also liked both their interactions with Lucas. Speaking of which, I think having seen Monday's episode as well) the show may have finally found a way to fix what has happened to Sami and Lucas. This whole custody thing has major potential and it works. Stefano being on the loose is a realistic reason for Lucas to push for custody and while we've been down this road with Lucas and Sami, it's different this time. It's about protecting both children from Stefano and I like the angst potential. I'm starting to see signs of the old Lucas and Sami. Not so much on Friday but definitely on Monday. I hope this is the start of something because it felt like the Lucas and Sami we had during Higley's first reign. I did enjoy Sami/EJ and them finding the chess piece and realizing Stefano had been there.

I liked Nicole/Chloe too. I find that Chloe comes off as a decent actress when she lightens up and smiles a little bit. I can tolerate her. And Nicole usually can get someone to "play" a little bit in scenes with her, so I think those two are great together.

If I thought Lucas was concerned about his daughter with Stefano, then I might give him props on the custody thing. But he was only coming after Ali to spite Sami. Then when he saw that EJ/Sami were nervous about something, that is when he pounced all over the Stefano thing.
Also, Lucas shot STeffie's son, why does Lucas think that Ali would be better protected alone with him. I would think strength in numbers, and it might be a good time for Lucas/EJ/Sami to work together. Don't think that is going to happen.

I thought Friday was an excellent finish to the two weeks! Kudos to Days for stepping up and giving us some quality stuff!
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