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Aug 25 2008, 11:56 AM
Aug 25 2008, 10:13 AM
What I find interesting is how John and Marlena are criticized because John feels so lucky that Marlena is in his life but Bo and Steve, who feel similarly about Hope and Kayla, typically aren't.

Part of John and Marlena's history is how he believes that his life began with her. He has said repeatedly over the years that she is his beginning and ending, that she is the only woman he has ever really loved, etc.

And as for his always saving her, I would say that it is about equal. One only has to remember, for example, when she tied him to the raft and then fell overboard when he was going to drown and the raft could only hold one person.

John and Marlena were way to saccharine for me. I didn't ever say that John was too perfect, or Marlena too perfect. It's their relationship that comes across as too perfect (and I am talking about before John's "death").

Both characters to me got stuck in a rut, a rut that was extremely boring to watch. It doesn't matter to me who saves who more... the point is that's all John ever seems to do... save Marlena. :sleep:

As for trying to compare Jarlena to Bope and Payla... I see some comparisons. But these couples, to me anyway, are much more interesting to watch on screen. There is fire between them. They argue. They kid around with each other. Jarlena isn't like that, at least not in my opinion. It was always just ooey gooey, I love you. And of course lets not forget the incredible excitement of sitting around reading Santeen letters. ;)
This is why I really hope that when John returns that he keeps some of the nuances of NuJohn with him. I think the character would benefit greatly with not being so one dimensional anymore.
it wasn't just J/M sitting around reading letters though, which I agree was boring.

John and Marlena have argued a lot over the years, from the very beginning. And they have laughed and kidded a lot too. It is all on youtube. They have always argued about Stefano, her need to help bring him down and John's need to protect her. I have always liked that element. I have found Stayla and Bope boring in recent years especially although I liked both in the past.
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