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Aug 25 2008, 11:31 AM
Are internet soaps fans more interested in the behind the scenes soap opera or the product?
I think the utter disgust many have with most of what we've been seeing onscreen is part of what is making the behind the scenes stuff so compelling! Interest in backstage drama started BEFORE the internet became a popular communication tool! The '70's saw a change in the soap press! Some of the things Steve commented on were actually being reported in magazines that wouldn't have touched those situations back in the '60's! There were still lots of "Puff Pieces" being written in SOME of the mags but we saw constructive criticism of each show begin to be popular! Reviews of the soaps began appearing in periodicals such as AFTERNOON TV and DAILY TV SERIALS! Fans were being written for like they were adults with working brain cells! The huge blow up at ANOTHER WORLD between Rauch/Lemay and Courtney/Reinholt/Dwyer is, I think, the most infamous example! The story would NEVER have been covered in the '60's! It was frustrating to some viewers that the longtime villainess of the show was made into the new heroine at the expense of one of the first true SUPER COUPLES and the gradual dismantling of the show's main family! We were given a terrific villainess played by an immensely talented actress to replace her and the ratings soared despite the change of focus! But many of us ate up the story of backstage discord with a SPOON! And some felt those changes began the long, slow road to the show's cancellation many years later! Most fans today are much more media savvy than the notorious little old lady who would confuse the performer with the character and slap that performer for their on-screen transgressions!The biggest difference is that today, most of the shows are lacking creatively AND in the ratings! There is a lack of consistency which was what made soap operas different than episodic tv! Even the weakest soaps back then are superior to most of what is shown these days IMO! That and the fact that, via the internet, we get all of our news much more quickly and legions of viewers are able to respond instantly and publicly feed into the fascination with the backstage goings-on! While SOME profess not to care anymore, I believe that they wouldn't be commenting at ALL if that was the case! For better or worse, we now have an outlet where we can vent our frustrations and disenchantment with the state of the genre in a much more timely fashion than the old "letters to the editor"! Conversely, we can also express our pleasure when a show is getting it RIGHT! So to answer your question after a novel length post, I believe that many fans are interested in BOTH!
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