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Sharongate, bitches!

Sara A. Bibel has this to say on her recent blog:


The Rashomon Effect
Was The Young & The Restlessís Executive Producer Josh Griffith fired? Did he quit? Is he still there? All of the above, according to my sources. I may end up with egg on my face like all the others who have ventured into this morass, but Iím going to take the plunge. Apparently, Griffith voiced his displeasure with head writer Maria Bellís stories to TPTB including the man who cuts his paycheck, Bill Bell Jr. At one point he wanted to quit, but then he reconsidered. It didn't make for a harmonious workplace. Finally, Bell Jr. decided to put everyone out of their misery by letting Griffith go. He has been informed and is still on the job until his contract expires in early September.
The WGA did phone the show about the allegations that he was rewriting scripts, but that was not a major factor in his dismissal. Tomorrow everyone could kiss and make-up, and Iíll look like an idiot. Each person, myself included, who has reported on this has relied on sources who only knew part of the story. Every version has some elements of the truth but isnít a complete picture, like the movie Rashomon.

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