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Aug 25 2008, 04:13 PM
Aug 25 2008, 03:19 PM
I hope we now know for sure Melanie is not Nicole's daughter since we had no reaction of her name from AZ.
Well, it definitely looks there is something more at the Paris storyline than just Max meeting his sister and taking her in Salem. As Nicol said today, why is Trent so adamant that Max and Mel can never see each other. What is his secret? And we also know Steve and probably Nicol and who knows else will soon follow. So it looks like the storyline is shaping up into something bigger.

As for today, Im totally in love with Melanie. She is basically just a brat and a spoiled girl but she is so cute and sweet within it she is still likeable. And of course, weve got the first sign today she is not as shallow as she lets other think. I liked she liked Nick today, on the other side they made BB look so handsome today it was hard to understand why Mels friend called him nerd. Obviously, Nick wanted to do a good first impression today and he definitely did. I know people say its like Chick all over again, but Mel is very different from Chelsea so I think the relationship will be different too. The writers IMO did a good work with their first meeting scene and Im looking for more.

Now Stax. I know Im one of the few their fans here, but I really like them when they have these kind of light and funny scenes together. Im happy the writers obviously already forgotten Max is supposed to be a genius and are writing him again as the little dense funny guy DB plays so well. His and SH scenes today were really natural and quite enjoyable.

The Paris storyline looked really boring and pointless at first, but with the Trent secret, Melanie and Nick arriving and Chelsea soon following, its actually turing into one of my favorite storylines. Today I enjoyed it much more than J/M because whenever Marlena starts about Stefano and how he wants to destroy everyone it just has this incredible feeling of been there, done that.

I think thats the reason why I realy dont push for Denas departure like everyone here. She introduced a lot of fresh stories/couples to the show I think have a lot of potential and I would like to see where theye going. Today I even liked Lucas talk with Maggie about his feelings for Chloe.

I totally agree with you that this is different from Chick- Nick is no longer a doormat like he was for Chelsea. They played games with each other and it was cute to see that...so great to see the Fallonator get the upper hand.

I saw tomorrow's episode and Nick doe snot let down either.
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