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I will jump on the bandwagon and say that I actually enjoyed "the Fallonator" (love the name) today. That is my Nick...smart, thinking fast, using his noodle. Keep him that way, and keep him in control. Nick was my man today! Loved that he came to save Steph and Max.
Melanie still irks me a bit, but I think I can get over that. She does remind me of Rachel McAdams a bit.

Jarlena was a bit of repeat today...they need to get out of the hospital and move on. It's been like almost 3 weeks and everyone else is out of the hospital.

EJ/Sami/Lucas was alright. It is still the same day for them, so I guess it isn't 3 weeks but more like 1 day.
Don't see where Lucas can get custody of a poodle, much less his kid with no house, no means of support, no money. Where does he live? In the hotel with Chloe? Why doesn't he go to Phil for a job, then go to Sami for his old apartment? He'd be right across from Payla...that is pretty safe.

Nicole/Trent was okay. I hope Nicole kicks Trent's ass one day.
I don't see where this is all going. What could Melanie and Max know about each other that would bring Trent down? What will Steve find out? This is interesting, but I am not putting it all together yet.

It was an okay show. Here's to it picking up tomorrow!
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