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Steve Frame
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The Today block doesn't have much to do with Days in most markets though. Days airs well after Today goes off - so the Today lead in would mean nothing.

Just like here Days aired one hour after the Olympics went off the air. It was the Olympics, then The 700 Club and then Days.

the 700 Club got a boost too in the Nashville, Tennesse market but Days didn't.

I would love to work for Nielsen and see the minute by minute breakdown of the ratings. They report those from time to time for Primetime shows - but I never see them for daytime.

They have reported before how the Biggest Loser did against the first 30 minute comp etc.

My Nielsen guy once told me they do reports on every 15 minutes or so and issue them to advertisers as to how long viewers stay with the show. Many advertisers require that their commercial will air in the first 10 minutes of the show if that is the case. He said sometimes if a show has a tendency to be higher in a certain time period (i.e. first 15 minutes or so) they may have to offer lower rates for the last 30 minutes or 15 minutes.

It would be interesting to see last week if the ratings were very high at first and then dropped off or stayed even during the hour. Or if the higher rating at the first was enough to pull the boost. I would just love to see it.
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