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Aug 25 2008, 09:57 PM
I just realized I was surfing the web and settled for reruns of CSI, and totally forgot to watch my recordings of Days. What does that say???
That you forgot? :laugh: .

In all seriousness, it all goes back to what I always say. No matter who is writing. producing, directing, etc...half the audience will like it and half won't. This has been the case for over a decade now, since JER left. Even when B&C wrote, there was still alot of people who found reason to not like it. I've accepted there is just no pleasing a majority of Days fans no matter what is offered. There will always be a percentage that hates the material and a percentage that likes it and maybe another percentage where it depends on the day. If and when Higley is gone (and that day is coming), whoever replaces her will please some but will not please all. It's just the way it is, especially with Days. There are just too many people who want different things.

Now, about today, it was very refreshing. I enjoyed the past two weeks but I wanted to get back to the other stories, which were finally getting going before the Olympics. I was worried the momentum would be lost but it wasn't. Today was fast-paced and moved story while also showing fans who may have missed some aspects of the J&M stuff the past two weeks a little of what they missed, which I thought was nice.

The J&M stuff today was dull but it was more or less just easing fans who may have missed something back into the story. The flashbacks were not too bad and were cleverly chosen to highlight what needed to be. I also like how John has softened and enjoyed his scenes with Lexie too. Liked Marlena joking around with Lexie while she was testing her and I do like this twist of John pursuing Marlena and her rebuffing him.

As I said in last week's discussion thread, I am seeing signs of vintage Lucas and Sami. This custody battle thing is somewhat of a rehash but if it gives us the real Lucas and real Sami back, I could care less. Plus, the Stefano factor adds an interesting component and I was so happy to see Mickey and Maggie. Hope they continue to be involved and I love that Maggie and Lucas's close relationship is being played again. Love their talk. Loved EJ's involvement today too. Today was the first time in a long time I found myself enjoying Lucas/Sami/EJ together in scenes. It's been awhile.

Nicole/Trent was also interesting. Nicole questioning him about why Max and Melanie can't see each other caught my interest as well. I agree with Jane in that this is building to something big as we know Steve, Bo, and Hope will get involved and that Marlena gets involved with Trent too.

Nick/Melanie were my favorite part. They have a nice chemistry and dynamic. I was impressed and I just adore Molly Burnett. While this is similar to Chick, I think Melanie is much different then Chelsea in that she has more humor and the spoiled, money-hungry quotient is off the charts. She is a very fun character and was so needed. She injected life into the Paris story and, God help me, into Stax. I can't stand them together but her addition to the story has made me tolerate them onscreen. I like the tension she's introduced into their lives. I hope to see Melanie take on both Stephanie and Melanie. I did like how Nick played her. Classic Nick. Good to have him back. Glad Blake is getting good material again. I will admit that Stax's scenes were cute today and quite funny. Classic Days-like stuff and I do like that they are acknowledging the race-car history. I hated them being drivers but at least it's not forgotten. I also agree with Jane in that I'm glad the genius arc with Max is kind of being left behind. It's ok to use it but it can't be shoved in the viewer's faces. It was just too much to take at once IMO.

All in all, a good start to the week. Glad to see the other stories coming back in play. It's refreshing and hopefully the show's recent roll continues. Tomorrow looks like a great show with Bo and Hope back in the mix (Kristian looked good in the previews) and Caroline and Victor seeing some more action.
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