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Aug 25 2008, 10:16 PM
While this is similar to Chick, I think Melanie is much different then Chelsea in that she has more humor and the spoiled, money-hungry quotient is off the charts. She is a very fun character and was so needed.
I've been watching only very, very sporadically, and hadn't been paying any attention to Melanie. Today was the first day I watched any of Melanie's scenes (I saw her first day but nothing since then). I thought she was quite charming, much more so than I ever found Chelsea (although I do think RM is talented, I just don't like the character of Chelsea). I agree with you that a key factor is Melanie's sense of humor. She doesn't seem to take life all that seriously (from the very little I've seen of her), and doesn't seem to have the crabby, entitled, self-pitying bitchiness that for me was always a Chelsea trademark. I think she and Nick had a fun, natural chemistry and flow to their interaction, and I'm not really a Nick fan. I could see this girl being challenging for Nick, but not ashamed of him as Chelsea so often seemed to be.

I too enjoyed Maggie and Lucas talking, although I hope Chloe/Lucas goes nowhere. I liked Maggie's brushing Lucas's hair off his face; I could just picture her asking him when he was going to get a haircut, lol.
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