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You know what? This is good idea for a few reasons but it also makes me wonder. It's good in the sense that it shakes things up, evens things out, and provides a female voice that will make much more sense. The one thing I hope is that she will be a tell it like it is type like Simon. I think we need that kind of thing with another female on the panel since Paula always seems to take what Randy says and just puts her own sweet twist on it. I think it would be nice to have a female Simon.

Having said that, this makes me wonder if they are doing this to replace Paula or even Simon (his contract is up soon...I think all the judges are). Simon had said 2 years ago he would likely step aside as judge at the end of his deal and hinted the others may or may not as well. He said things get stale after awhile. I have this sense that he may want to produce Idol since he produces other shows that have been brought over here. It makes sense with Lythgoe gone and, frankly, I'm shocked he isn't producing already. He's honestly the only one who gets it.

This will be interesting. The show needed a shakeup and I hope we get even more then this. The only problem I foresee is during the auditions when they have a tie-breaker but I'm sure they will find a way to work it all out.
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