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Aug 25 2008, 11:03 AM
Aug 25 2008, 01:28 AM
Steve Frame
Aug 24 2008, 03:50 PM
Aug 23 2008, 12:08 AM
I do want to touch on the point about the cast and crew kissing Corday's ass.

I think it's more or less a situation of keeping the door open in case they are fired or quit. Just look at how Days either fires people or loses them and brings them back, even if the left under bad circumstances. I never in a million years thought Missy Reeves would be back after what happened and she was. RJ was brought back twice in one year. Joe tore Corday to shreds and still came back. Sure, it's because Corday acts before he thinks but I do think he's very loyal and very nice to the people who work for him. We know he's loyal as hell to Higley, despite the problems it's causing. I would kill to have a boss like that who would make that many sacrifices for me. Yes, I know it's killing the show but if I was the one benefiting from it, damn LOL.

We hear the cast and crew talk about him positively all the time. Hell, even people away from the show for years, do the same, even if their exit was ugly. Up until recently, the atmosphere at Days was always friendly, no matter what the state of the show. This is the first time tension bled into the set the way it has (at least that we know of) and my hope is that things stabilize soon and return back to that close-knit, family atmosphere because I think Corday is the reason the place became like that and has stayed that way and I think it's that atmosphere that keeps cast and crew coming back.
I have to disagree with one part of that - about the tension on the set.

I remember Ann Marcus talking about on some TV show how tense things were backstage in the late 70's with the Pat Falken Smith debacle. Some of the cast was on her side over Betty Corday.

Also I can remember magazines in the late 70's alluding to how tense the set was with the women who were jealous over Susan Hayes with her mother writing the show. Brenda Benet and Susan Hayes really didn't get along.

And before that there was the feud between Kaye Stevens and Susan Hayes.

the in 1980 the mood on the set was very bad with all the firings and the new folks coming on.

Those are times that I do know about.
I understand that, Steve. However, I'm speaking along the lines of the cast being close knit and one of them never making a play for or doing something like we hear the supposed "diva" did. There will always be instants of tension and arguments and such but I don't ever remember hearing of anyone at Days writing their own shit like we have heard may have been the case. That is just something I would never expect to happen at Days. It's a betrayal to the cast.

I remember reading ad nauseum in the 90's and 2000's about how great the atmosphere at Days was. While there has been tension at times, I do think the family atmosphere and close-knit nature has always been there, even during the times you mention and especially in the past 20 years or so. That is what shocks me about this whole mess. It just doesn't seem like something you would see coming out of Days.

You're right, PR. Well said. Days has always been an island unto itself, much like Another World was out in the middle of nowhere in their Midwood, Brooklyn studio. Those environments, while forcing you to feel isolated and completely left to your own devices by the network, also foster VERY tight-knit families within their employees. Other shows that are shot next door/across the street/within spitting distance from the network run in a much more corporate way... but on the plus side, they know they're supported and believed in by the network. There are definite pros and cons to both. But if there's any benefit to Days/Corday Productions being so islanded, it's that there's definitely a feeling of "we're all in this together" behind the scenes. Which is probably where this whole Ed Scott/"diva" story stemmed from in a very positive, non-threatening manner. They felt it was good for the show... and probably got a little out of control towards the end. But it's that tight-knit feeling that probably made people think it was okay to cross that line. I don't fault them for pushing that envelope... I fault the man upstairs for not putting a gentle stop to it before it got to the guild's ears.
Thanks. I agree. It's one of reasons why Days is my fave of all the soaps. I think that is what makes the family scenes the show has had over the years feel so real. It hits so close to home and overwhelms you as a viewer because the cast really is that close to each other. They are like a real family and I think that shows through onscreen.
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