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Aug 25 2008, 11:31 AM
Are internet soaps fans more interested in the behind the scenes soap opera or the product?
Sadly, I think at this point it's more then former rather then the latter. It should not be that way but it is.

With every passing year, more fans become more disgruntled and with every year more just give soaps up altogether. I can't blame them. I can't blame them for feeling like the backstage shit going on is more interesting. Frankly, it is. I'm appalled by it and I would much rather not know it but I have to admit it is interesting and addicting. I wish we could just go back in time to the 90's when it was just about the shows and not about who wrote, directed, etc. I wish we could just go back to an age of less spoilers where shows surprised us and where the little things and scenes like character interactions and solid character moments counted for something and weren't looked at as boring. Sadly, TPTB went for the youth and also went for less traditional fair in terms of story (you can thank Days and JER for that). As a result, we got years and years of ratings downturn and execs going more for stunts then quality stories, which led to nothing but short-term gains. Now, we have an audience that counts in the ratings that wants nothing but event after event, with the story not mattering at all. It's sad and disgusting.

Soaps need to go back to what worked in the past but also need to modernize. They need to adapt to changing times while also paying homage to traditional soap aspects. Soaps have adapted in every decade but this one. I think execs have tried but they are so panicky they don't commit. They don't stick with some things long enough (*cough* Corday *cough*) and you have to. The audience needs to adjust. Things take time. The hard part is some soaps don't have much time so it's a struggle. This is all just too depressing, which is why I prefer to just watch the shows and forget about all the negative shit going on :laugh:
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