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Viewing Single Post From: Nelson Ratings GH/Y&R/Big Brother/Emmys
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Good stuff, Nelson.

I'm with you on GH. It's just a mess.

Good picks for supporting actor. I agree about JPL. He's done good work this year. Not sure about him wanting to submit anything from the 1968 stuff. That may be looked at as too much. We all know the Emmy's hate that kind of shit. They looked down on Days for years because of it. I hated the story so I wouldn't consider anything from it award-worthy. Too Passions-like for me and too much messing with history. Can't wait until it's over. I will say I agree about Austin Williams. He has been great as young Spencer. he plays creepy well. He would've been a much better Micheal then Dylan Cash. I do like Austin as Shane anyway, though.

As for BB, I don't watch. Not because I hate it. I don't have the time and I've tried in the past and just couldn't get into it but I do think it falls in line with a soap. It has that continued storytelling and the people on it do seem...interesting, to say the least LOL. Maybe soaps could use a few of those people to spice things up :laugh: . They wouldn't even have to act. Just write them as themselves and it should be good. :laugh: .
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