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Aug 26 2008, 01:32 AM
Aug 24 2008, 05:14 PM
Alison is very overexposed and I've been sick to death of Sami for the past year now, but I can't imagine DAYS without her.
I can :smile:
As much as I like them (more Dee then Drake), I can also imagine Days without them too :smile: .

No one actor or actress (character or characters) are bigger then the show. Soaps are ensemble pieces. Yes, the vets have been on longer and are looked at as more important and, thus, more valuable and harder to imagine not being there. Everyone is a equal, despite their years on the show. We all have preferences and strong feelings about certain characters and their portrayers but, ultimately, it's about the show, which has survived without the likes of Drake, Dee, Peter, Kristian, etc before and even thrived ratings-wise at times without them. It's all in the story (although ratings now are driven more by events then story) and, with numbers how they are, I doubt any character being let go, no matter who it is, would make a difference. Soaps are going to keep bleeding audience regardless.
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