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^I liked Maggie playing with his hair too. Such a cute thing and something an aunt would do. I just love seeing their close relationship on display again.

One other thing...I wish they would've kept the format we got during the Olympics for the episodes. Days always seems to use it when NBC is hosting a sporting event, clearly out of fear of a preemption or the event lasting overtime. Anyway, I like when the show comes right back after the opening instead of going right to commercial. It keeps you in the action and gives a nice flow to the episode. Days always used to do that a long time ago (think in the 80's and maybe early 90's). Most other soaps do it. I just like that format better. Plus, it allows you to show more characters early on to maybe show people that their faves are on despite not appearing before the opening. It may catch those people from tuning out or whatever. I doubt they will use it at any other time but for special occurrences, as I mentioned, but I wish they would.
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