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Aug 25 2008, 12:57 PM
This is the second or third blog of Rachel's that I feel is a completely different style of writing from the beginning. I know on the web people aren't too concerned about grammar and punctuation and all that - but the last few blog entries have been a far cry from the earlier ones that were riddled with mistakes. I don't know if she's reading more, her vocabulary is growing, she's using spell check, whatever. But I applaud it. She's digging so much deeper into her thoughts than she ever has before, and I find myself looking forward to her entries more and more with each passing entry.
I noticed that too. She's not really plugging upcoming stuff on Days either, which may be because of the backstage happenings. She did talk about the backstage drama in her last entry but nothing about what is coming up for her. I can see how things may be confusing with everything going on so I suspect that is a reason and maybe she's upset about Chan ending or maybe she has no idea where they are going with her or something along those lines.

She's coming off much more mature. I always felt she was mature but this past Spring, when she was pimping the Chan junk, she actually at times came off like a teenager. Now, she's coming off like a mature, responsible, intelligent, independent young woman with a good head on her shoulders. Her last blog entry and this one were wonderful. Very well-written on her part. They showed great care and I applaud her restraint. I may have lost it on someone like that.

I'm happy Rachel is happy with her body. Ali Sweeney went through a similar ordeal too. There is nothing wrong with being thin or fat. As long as your happy and healthy, who cares? Rachel had a great message here. Just wonderful.

Can't wait to read her next entry.
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