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Aug 26 2008, 02:02 AM
Aug 25 2008, 07:14 PM
Aug 24 2008, 09:35 PM
Aug 23 2008, 06:29 PM
Aug 23 2008, 02:28 PM
Yuck. Exactly what day is this? So I'll have my barf bag ready....
Don't watch!!! I know I didn't watch when EJ and Nicole had nasty porn sex in that elevator. LOL!!!
I'm a fan of the whole show, which for me means that I'll tune in and support it any way I can even if something is happening that is not to my liking. I don't turn off the show because my favorite character is not being written the way I want, or because one of the couples I like is not enduring smooth sailing. Plus, I can't critique things properly if I'm not tuning in. I'm sorry that you allowed a ten minute scene between one set of characters prevent you from watching the show, but that is not how this fan operates. Anyway, I can't wait to see the "afterglow", when he blows it off as nothing but a conquest, lol.
Does it really matter whether you watch or not if you don't have a Nielson box? I am just sayin, my support only matters if they can count it, right?

And regardless of that, I am not going to apologize for tuning out when I don't like what is going on. My time is too precious to be spent watching characters and storylines that I do not care about or do not enjoy. Days is on every day of the week. That is a lot to invest in under any circumstance, let alone if I am not enjoying the show. I mean, seriously, if everyone just watched all the time whether they liked it or not, there would be no reason to make improvements to the show.
I've never agreed with that.

I won't ever tell someone to watch something but if Days is the only soap you watch, your only devoting an hour of your time to it (39 minutes with no commercials). I could see if you watch other soaps but if Days is it, then I don't see the issue. I guess if you just watch for one or two people, then I can see why but the whole point of soaps was for that to never be the case but it is, which is a huge issue.

I've watched since the early 80's and there has always been good stories and bad stories. I think the issue is some fans have been burned so many times by TPTB that they basically tune out as payback now. You almost get the sense that some take pleasure in it. Again, not saying anyone here is. Just something I've noticed on occasion.

I do think you can get improvements on a show without tuning out. Look at all the primetime shows that have high ratings but still end up making improvements. You can make the case they listen to the fans more but I don't see that. I've seen them ignore fans many times and take risks that pissed fans off. Those execs showed no remorse. They kill fan faves and break up beloved couples all the time and could care less about fan dissension. It's about the story and they have confidence that will keep people watching and, most times, it does. That is the way soaps used to be too. For one thing, soaps clearly don't react to poor ratings anymore. It used to be that every major drop saw a change in story, writing, or behind the scenes. Now, it seems soaps don't care as much about ratings. What they do care for is anyone's guess but they definitely don't react to them anymore, which is why I see no point in tuning out unless you just have nothing to enjoy about the show.

I do think Days listens to the fans but it at times listens to the wrong ones (NBC boards) or listens too much in that Corday gets too panicky and changes gears far too much. Sometimes you just have to see something through, no matter how bad it is. You just can't keep screwing with story and sweeping it under the rug. Just finish a story out, even if it's bad, and see if you can use it to get something else going or something. I'm sick of this pattern of starting a story, reacting too quickly, gutting it, and forgetting it ever happened. It's dumb, lazy, and is taking the easy way out, Sadly, it will never change, especially not at Days where it's been happening for too long to count.
I don't watch any other soaps. Watching soaps is too stressful sometimes. I get far too invested. I am pretty sure everyone here knows what I mean, or we wouldn't be commenting on message boards about how we feel. Still, 39 minutes IS a lot to invest if you are not enjoying it. Especially if you lead a busy life. Multiplied by 5 days a week and 52 weeks in a year. I am in the Army and I am about to leave for 6 months for training. I will only be watching when I know I am going to like what I see. Otherwise, my time will be spent talking to friends and family back home...or...lol...sleeping. And I know a lot of people have busy lives that include jobs, husbands, kids, school, etc. I am just not willing to sacrifice any of my time on something I don't enjoy. And if Days doesn't like it, they should stop showing the show a day ahead in Canada and posting spoilers weeks in advance. But again, I have to ask, does it make a difference if I watch, since I don't have a Nielson box?

I have watched for about 12 years now. For the first year or two, I tried to watch every day. After a little while, I realized that there was only one reason I really watched the show. J&M got me hooked, will keep me hooked, and will always get me to come back. But for me, they are above and beyond anything else I see on the show. Again, that is just me. So, I watch just for them. And if Dee/Drake ever leave the show, I will probably never watch Days again. And I don't think I should have to apologize for it. That's just the way it is.

As always, to each his/her own.
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