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I liked RM's hair. I think she looks better short though I do agree it makes her look younger which is not a good thing for the inevitable Channage scene.

Today was really good I think. Now the Stax was not like yesterday but I think the emphasis had to be on Max and Melanie instead of Melanie/Nick. We did get a little Nick though, he was just trying to figure out why everyone was yelling. I love how in character they are making him. Of course Nick can't comprehend Melanie leaving Stax in jail to rot. Nick has always put everyone else first, and in most cases it was people he barely knew. So he can't figure out how Melanie could do the same here...should be interesting to watch them interact more.

I really did like the Chelsea/Philip scenes. It's sad they don't interact more (could have had my Philip/Stephanie then) but I grab it when I can take it. I did like how Chelsea is back to sticking her nose in her father's business.

Speaking of father figures, I thought Dan with Kate is so compelling. As pagraves said, why would we even THINK of rooting for Chan when LK and SC are so much more interesting to watch? It's such a shame they have not given LK more to do, romance wise. She and SC (who couldn't have stood any closer together if they tried) are really reving up the chemistry here so if Date is not endgame, they need to back the hell off cause I'm really liking them. And is it just me or does Daniel want Kate to admit she likes him? He's such an emotional coward, I fully expect him to want her to make the first move.

Can they not give Trent something else to do than to sit in the pub and talk to Nicole? I know we moved a bit story wise since he overheard Caroline speaking to Max but I just would like them to do something different with RB before we lose him. Maybe after Melanie comes to Salem.

Oh and the Bo/Victor conversation was nice. I wish we had more there.
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